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Mishlei 3110 LLC is proud to introduce and launch our first product, BREATH of LIFE.  Although our store is tiny (one product), Breath of Life has been in development for the past year and has been carefully tested to make sure the essential oil blend was the right balance.  During that time, we learned so much about the art of essential oil blending while working with our expert manufacturing partner.  Our team preferred not to rush through the process but to launch an effective and practical final product.  Breath of Life has a pleasant herbal taste that has a natural sweetness with warm and minty tones.  Your breath will be fresh and clean all day.  You may even find the dreaded morning breath will go away.  


All the essential oils in this proprietary blend have a distinct purpose and value to support oral health.

Please review our product page for more details about each of the essential oils used and what therapeutic value they possess.

We will continue to think of new products to develop with thought and care.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to view our page.

 One product at a time.

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  • cea on

    OMG, This is the most amazing breath mint i’ve ever used. If i don’t use, it my mouth feels like i am missing out. I have to order another one and am thinking of giving it as a gift to a few friends. Truly fascinating product, and thank you. Wow

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