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Say No to the Common Cold

Say No to the Common Cold Yes, it is that time of year where the temperatures dip and the occurrences of colds rise.  As sneezes, sniffles, and coughs surface, it is possible to go through a winter without catching a cold or experience very mild forms of a common cold by lessening the severity of the virus even when everyone around you may experience the full wrath of a common cold.

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Thank You For Visiting Our Store!!

Mishlei 3110 LLC is proud to introduce and launch our first product, BREATH of LIFE.  Although our store is tiny (one product), Breath of Life has been in development for the past year and has been carefully tested to make sure the essential oil blend was the right balance.  During that time, we learned so much about the art of essential oil blending while working with our expert manufacturing partner.  Our team preferred not to rush through the process but to launch an effective and practical final product.  Breath of Life has a pleasant herbal taste that has a natural sweetness with warm and minty tones.  Your breath will be fresh and clean all day.  You may even find the dreaded morning breath...

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