Say No to the Common Cold

Yes, it is that time of year where the temperatures dip and the occurrences of colds rise.  As sneezes, sniffles, and coughs surface, it is possible to go through a winter without catching a cold or experience very mild forms of a common cold by lessening the severity of the virus even when everyone around you may experience the full wrath of a common cold.


We all cringe at the thought of being exposed to the cold virus.  There is a possibility that one can hide from society to avoid infections; however, the reality is we all need to go out sometime.  We are exposed to the virus by touching door nobs and handles, using pens that other people touched, using the ATM or other public devices with buttons to complete our transactions.  If you have children, it's a no brainer that the germs will at some point, make way to your home. 

 If you are near someone who sneezes, you will likely be in the way of some droplets.  A sneeze can travel up to 26 feet at 100 miles per hour.  Passers-by inhale the droplets and the viruses are then lodged in the mouth, nose, and throat.  


If we become sick due to the cold virus, we try to recover as soon as possible with medicines, teas, and other feel-goods that can help us get back to normal.  Often in all this, lots of sugar is often part of the remedy, either through sugary cough syrups or cough drops, or using honey for tea.  Not brushing regularly will give an opportunity for viruses and bacteria to grow even more and they can multiply in the mouth after a sugary feast, especially at night.  Good oral hygiene can help prevent a cold or lessen the severity of a cold in addition to keeping cavities away.  Brushing often and using a good old fashioned salt water gargle nightly can help wash away germs that may lodge in the back of the throat.  Also, changing your toothbrush often will help lessen the reintroduction of viruses to your mouth. 

Sometimes we tend to neglect oral health while having a cold because we need to recover, not realizing that quick recovery can be assisted by keeping up with oral hygiene and the natural medicines that will move the healing process along. 

Many of the essential oils in the Breath of Life help eliminate the viruses that cause common colds and the bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities.  Use 1-2 drops of the essential oil blend on your toothbrush. Try using 2-4 drops in 3oz of water and gargle to freshen your mouth and let those bacteria and viruses know to go elsewhere!

Try a bottle today!


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