Do You Know How Masks Affect Dental Health?

Mask mouth

 Are you continually wearing a mask at work or school?  Have you recently been to the dentist, and your oral health has changed for the worse?  You may be developing mask mouth.  Mask mouth is the combination of wearing a mask always, mouth breathing while wearing a mask, lack of water, and a lack of saliva to neutralize bacteria that are present in the mouth, resulting in tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, and sour breath.  Often when wearing a mask, we may not realize we're not drinking enough water, snacking during breaks, mouth breathing, and small production of saliva has become the norm.  Even when eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, smoothies, and protein bars, trouble may be lurking between teeth and in gum pockets.


Recently many states have mandated the indoor use of masks at restaurants, retail stores, in hospitals, laboratories, schools, office settings, airlines, etc.  Dentists have made a note of the significant increase of dental issues for patients who typically never had cavities or gum disease and have labeled the combination of observations "mask mouth."  Ignoring gum disease can result in but not limited to, heart disease, high blood pressure, skin issues, and kidney issues. Bad breath and bleeding gums are an indication of an oral issue that needs intervention.  Be sure to go to the dentist, maintain good oral hygiene between visits, drink plenty of water and upgrade your dental health with Breath of Life Essential Oil for Oral Health.

Protect and support your oral health today with the effect and all natural product Breath of Life Essential Oil Blend for Oral Health.  The oils naturally help moisten the oral cavity, kill harmful bacteria that cause cavities, reduces biofilm that produces plaque, cleanses the tongue, and freshens breath.  You may also notice the rejuvenation of receding gum tissue and the healing of irritated oral tissue.  If you're experiencing mask mouth, its time to update or oral routine to meet the demands of prolonged mask wear.  


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