Do You Know About Cinnamon?



It is a miraculous spice recognized as Cinnamomum zeylanicum used from ancient times in different cultures. The essential oil of cinnamon is extracted by the Supercritical fluid extraction with other solvents to separate the oil. It is surprisingly anti-oxidant, and modern science has recognized several potential health benefits, confirming some of its traditional medicinal uses. Conventionally it is used to treat tooth decay and bad breath. Cinnamaldehyde, an active bio compound, helps in fighting against all types of infections. That’s why people around the world have been using it for centuries.

Cinnamon oil helps in preventing dental cavities and gum diseases. Studies found that cinnamon oil approximately twice as effective against Streptococcus mutans in reducing bacteria that produce plaque formation. Cinnamon oil act as a broad-spectrum antibiotic against different species of bacteria responsible for dental cavities.


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