Breath of Life Reviews



Breath of Life has been positively impacting peoples lives raising the bar for great oral health.  

See what people are saying about Breath of Life:

Very effective.  I use Breath of Life with toothpaste and without.  My gums used to bleed after brushing, and after a few days, there was a significant improvement.  Teeth are much cleaner, and breath is much fresher after routine brushing.  Will use more to see the long term effects. 


I really love this product, my mouth feels so fresh, cleaner and healthier. A friend gave it to me for tasting and Im 100% satisfied.  Very happy with my gift and the results.  Thank youuuuuuuu


I can't say enough about the Breath of Life Essential Oil Blend.  I use a few drops with my toothpaste in the morning to supercharge the freshening effect of my toothpaste.  I am a special education teacher.  I work very closely with my students in small groups so my breath is a concern for me.  Breath of Life Essential Oil Blend keeps my breath fresh all morning long.  I keep one bottle in my desk so that I can freshen my breath after coffee or after eating lunch.  On another note, I am very careful about what I eat and I frequently have food cravings.  I used to brush my teeth to help with food cravings.  This is nearly impossible to do as a classroom teacher.  I have found that a few drips of Breath of Life Essential Oil does the trick.  There are so many benefits to this oil blend and its convenient packaging.  I encourage you to try it for your self.


I have been using this Breathe of Life for A few months, and I love it! My mouth feels extra clean, my breath is fresh, and on my last dental appointment I had some improvements. I would recommend this.


I regularly go to the dentist and have good oral hygiene but as I become older, I notice, I need to update my oral routine.  Even with brushing and flossing regularly, I began to have bleeding gums and my first cavities appeared at 45.  I've been using Breath of Life for about 1 year and I can say it's made a big difference.  I have less plaque build-up and less biofilm.  My gums are stronger and breath is fresher.  Breath of Life has become a staple in my oral routine.