Robert and Susan

My friend once told me of an interaction she had on a date.  (Names have been changed for privacy)



Robert and Susan meet on the internet and love the connection and conversation they've had for some time.  They are ready to meet face to face.  The moment Robert meets Susan, he senses something is wrong but can't put his finger on it.  They go out for a walk in the park and decide to sit on a park bench to enjoy each other's company. 

Susan is so excited to meet Robert.  They have been talking for a while.  The phone and internet conversations were always pleasant, and she knows he feels the same.  

As they are talking, Susan notices Robert pulls away just a but is still polite.  Their conversation seems to have wained off and not the same as when on the phone or when messaging.  They end their discussion, but there is an uneasiness.  She's disappointed because the interaction didn't end the way she imagined.  It seemed the date was cut short.

Robert really likes Susan.  She is beautiful and has a great personality, but he doesn't have the courage to tell her that her breath really bothers him. 

Is she aware that there is an issue with her breath?  What should he do?



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